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Adolf Hitler did not make any diary notes, despite the fake one which was written bei Konrad Kujau in the 1980th. The intention of this project is to create a "diary" of Hitlers life, from his birth until his death - every day and every hour. Basic Rules

  1. Reliable sources are a must for every entry.
  2. Respect copyrights of others and cite properly.
  3. Keep the neutral point of view.
  4. This is not a place for nazis!
  5. This wiki should become a reliable source for historians and could also generate new statistic information.

This project started on 25 April 2014. Every contributor is welcome!

Basic Chronology Edit

20 April 1889 (birth)

22 April 1889 (christening)

23 June 1940 (Paris visit)

20 July 1944 (20 July plot)

30 April 1945 (death)

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